Honor Unit with Distinction
   “To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens." 

The mission of U.S. Army JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) Program is to “motivate young people to be better citizens”. The Grissom High School JROTC Program is a designated Honor Unit with Distinction with a Nationally Accredited Curriculum.  Our program provides teaches quality citizenship, character, and leadership development while fostering partnerships with the Huntsville/Madison Community and educational institutions.

Our JLAB (JROTC Leadership and Academic Team), Drill Team, Rifle Team, Color Guard, Robotics Team, CyberPatriot Team and Raider Team are JROTC sponsored extracurricular activities open to all eligible cadets.

JROTC is an elective course with NO obligation for JROTC cadets to enter the military.


JROTC is not a recruitment tool for the armed forces. Students will be place in leadership positions to support their growth as future managers and leaders. Cadets will have to complete 3 consecutive years of JROTC for Career Preparedness Credit and complete Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment for 1 P.E. Credit.

Army JROTC teaches cadets to:

  • Maximize potential for success through learning and self-management

  • Develop management skills

  • Incorporate principles of mental and physical wellness into behaviors and decisions.

  • Build effective relationships with peers, teachers, school administration, co-workers and the community

What we've been up to.



2nd Place: Drill Unarmed Squad-6th Annual Sergeants Major Association Drill Meet

3rd Place: Unarmed Platoon-6th Annual Redstone Sergeants Major Association Drill Meet, 3 March 2019

3rd Place: Armed Squad- 6th Annual Redstone Sergeants Major Association Drill Meet, 3 March 2019

3rd Place: Unarmed Squad-6th Annual Redstone Sergeants Major Association Drill Meet, 3 March 2019



#15 National Rank: Male Raider Team

#25 National Rank: Mixed Raider Team